Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh yea, I have a blog!

Sooooooo a lot has happened in the past, damn, what is it? Four, almost five months now? I started out the summer at Acme Filmworks as an intern working with Ron Diamond (he puts together the Animation Show of Shows) and saw a lot of amazing short animations from professionals as well as other school reels. My Sony internship was absolutely awesome. Most of the summer, I felt almost completely out of my element. I've never done a thing with CG animation and I never thought I would end up in features. It was absolutely amazing though because I got, basically, a crash course in the whole process as well as Maya. I'm really excited about learning Maya now and started taking classes at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. I shall upload some of my frustrated computer ventures soon!

By a series of verrrrrrrrry fortunate events I was somehow lucky enough to get a job at the end of my internship! So I am now working as a visual development production assistant for Sony Pictures Imageworks on the movie Hotel Transylvania. And from what I've seen so far, it's looking pretty awesome. I'm working with some amazing and talented people and I'm just making like a sponge and soaking up whatever knowledge and wisdom I can.

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