Monday, June 8, 2009

Crossing the States

Ah! It has been a very long time since I posted anything! And a lot has happened!

I am now in Los Angeles for the summer doing an internship at Acme Filmworks until mid-June at which time I will start my other internship at Sony Pictures Imageworks. I've been watching a lot of great films out here and getting some good ideas for shorts I'd like to make. I'm getting more interested in learning Maya and I'd like to pursue it while I'm out here. I'm also learning more about Adobe AfterEffects which I'm really excited about!

My mom was nice enough to drive with me out here from New Hampshire and we had a very good time stopping to admire the view of the canyons and the crazy lights and people in Las Vegas. All in all a very good trip. We also stopped at an awesome dinosaur museum in Fruita, CO. So exciting! I took about a million pictures...

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  1. Have fun on the west coast, Kasey!! Hope your internships are super sweet!