Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I was working on my branding material last night til late and I came up with this:

I'm really excited about this dinosaur/shadow/ink thing that's going on. I'm 99.9% done with my reel. I just need to tweak a few things with the font and color correct the opening. Otherwise, I'm happy with it.

Tonight, I've got some work to do on a piece for the "Means of Accumulation" Art Education show that's going up a little later in April in the Arnheim Gallery at MassArt. For the project, I took 3 weeks where the first week I could only drink water, second week only drinks with natural sugars (real fruit juice, sodas without HFCS) and the last week was only HFCS drinks. So much soda. I recorded my blood glucose levels, weight, bathroom trips and number of drinks. I will post the results soon. At the moment, I'm working on putting together a mixed media painting that will be backlit. 

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